About Us

The initiative was founded by two employees from appliedAI, a part of UnternehmerTUM Munich.

Pavel Sagulenko is a Senior DevOps Engineer at appliedAI. He is highly experienced in building scalable and safe systems. Being the originator of the initiative, he undestood the need for such a system when his friends and family from Ukraine would ask him whom to call for providing evacuation in the first days of the war. Pavel eventually found the right contact but for some of his friends this was too late, the city was already sieged and evacuation was impossible.

Michael Panchenko is a Senior AI Researcher at appliedAI. Before fully dedicating himself to researching and building AI technologys, he worked on several projects that involved backend applications, CI/CD, infrastructure as code and scaling with cloud technologies as well as significant amounts of project management. These skills came in handy when Pavel contacted him for building the dispatching system and the project began.

Immediately after starting the development, the initiative received incredible support from industry as well as from many volunteers. By now, in addition to a running software technology, we have:

  1. A scalable call-center with multilingual operators who receive calls from refugees and redirect their requests to coordinators who then process them. Both the call-center and the pool of coordinators consist of volunteers.
  2. A team of over 10 core developers from different organizations (UTUM, Capgemini, Google and others) dedicated to improving and scaling our system. Many of them working full-time.
  3. Access to all necessary cloud infrastructure and credits needed for a safe and scalable technology.
  4. Access to a large network of volunteering organizations in Germany and Ukraine that helps us reach refugees, hosts for accomodations, translators, logistics companies and much more.


Alexey Kononchuk

Cofounder and software security advisor

Mariya Mik

Coordination of volunteers

Tatiana Shvets

Coordination of volunteers

And many others…

who helped organize, develop and fund this project