📞 Hotline for Ukrainian Refugees: 0800 66 44 788

📢 Official Information by the German Government:
germany4ukraine – offical portal
integreat-app – local info

Connecting people in need with those who can help

To this end we built a decentralized dispatching system that can be seamlessly integrated into the workflow of existing helper organizations and also supports help from individuals.

We are dedicated to help connecting people in need to those who can help them. We see that there is an enormous desire to help those suffering from war but without proper coordination this help is much less effective than it could be. Our dispatching system is freely available for other initiatives who might need technical infrastructure for a more efficient and professional operation. This infrastructure is free, secure, anonymous, decentralized and scalable.

Our Goals

Connect and support people in need

Since the war in the Ukraine broke out, there are many people who need help locally and abroad. Our goal is to provide them with the reliable and trusted communication channel, through which they can reach us and ask for help. We refer requests to volunteers on the ground who can provide immediate assistance.

Coordinate volunteers activities

In emergency situations, all communication channels are overloaded. Volunteers are overwhelmed with the incoming information from hundreds of sources. They have to spend large amount of their time and effort to work with largely unfiltered and unverified information. Our goal is to structure information flows, providing volunteers and organizations with the hard-proven and targeted requests for concrete action.

Long-term vision

Seen from a larger perspective, the project has great potential for being used in any emergency situation, anywhere all over the world. The architecture and the design of the system is adaptive and flexible, which allows to deploy our coordination solution everywhere within hours. On a longer run, we see this system as a large humanitarian project with opened source code. We would like to see this project supported and operated by a governmental or a non-governmental organization at a global level, available in every emergency situation around the globe.

A truck is being loaded with aid to be transported to Ukraine. Copyright Melanie Pätzold/Malteser
Melanie Pätzold/Malteser

The initial idea for developing such a system came up immediately after the war in Ukraine broke out. The first version was deployed two weeks later on 6th of March 2022. The dispatching system is being used for providing accommodation in Germany as well as translation and information services since 19th March 2022.

The system is open for individual participants as well as whole organizations. Our goal is to help and extend existing workflows, not to replace or to compete with them. Helpers using our system will only receive requests that they are able to process, with all the information required. People in need only need to know one phone number for finding help. It’s a win-win for everybody involved.

Our Solution

Our dispatching solution accepts and processes requests through call-center operators, to identify request types and locations and to redirect them to coordinators who are able to process these requests at the selected location.

Achievements at a Glance


We are operating in Germany since March, 16th 2022. Shortly after we launched a 0800 hotline with Ukrainian-speaking phone operators, providing help everyday to hundreds of refugees. Since then we have built a large network with connections between more than 200 individual volunteers, various volunteering organizations and business partners.

>5000 phone calls processed

>1500 people provided with temporary homes

>500 help with translations provided


We have partnered with a developer and manager team from Ukraine who also have been developing a solution for the help-coordination problem. This solution was successfully piloted in selected cities and is now undergoing scaling. Eventually, the two technological solutions will be merged into one. Currently we are supporting the Ukrainian group by providing scalable and secure infrastructure as well as a call center with a free Ukrainian number, operated by volunteers in Germany.

>300 people received help

Technology Supporters

Strategic Supporters

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